Benefits of Dragon Fruit / Pitaya / Pitahaya

A dragon fruit some useful benefits for human health, such as a balancing agent for sugar blood level, protection for mouth condition, precaution for intestine cancer, to reduce cholesterol, precaution for bleeding and treat from vaginal wet mount.

A dragon fruit is usually consumed freshly to get rid of our thirst, because this dragon fruit contains high water levels about 90% of its weight. It is sweet enough because its sugar levels is about 13-18 bricks. A dragon fruit can also be served as a glass of juice, fruit extract, confection, and jam or many other kinds of other servings based on your taste.

Generally, many experts agree and admit that a dragon fruit is rich in potassium, iron, protein, fiber, sodium, and calcium which are good for our health compared to other imported fruits.

According to AL Leong from Pitaya Food R&D, an organization that conducts a research about red dragon fruit, this fruit is relatively rich in many vitamins and minerals which clearly help to improve our stamina and is highly important for metabolism process in human body.

"Research shows tha a red dragon fruit is very good for blood circulation, it also gives positive effects to restrain emotional pressure, and neutralise toxics in blood. The research also shows that fruit mau prevent from intestine cancer, besides preventing the highly cholestrol level in our blood and decrease fat level in our body." he said.

As a whole, every red dragon fruit contains protein that is able to improve our metabolism in our body and prevent from heart attck (prevent from intestine cancer, diabetes, and diet), carotene (for eyes condition, strengthen brain potency and prevent from some diseases), calcium (to strengthen bones).

A dragon fruit also contains iron to increase the number of blood, vitamin B (to prevent from fever), vitamin B2 (to improve desire for food), vitamin B3 (to decrease cholesterol level) and vitamin C (to make our skin smooth and soft, also prevent fromacnes)

Here are the complte nutrition facts of dragon fruit :
  • Sugar level : 13-18 briks
  • Water : 90 %
  • Carbohydrate : 11,5 g
  • Acid : 0,139 g
  • Protein : 0,53 g
  • Fiber : 0,71 g
  • Calcium : 134,5 mg
  • Phosphor : 8,7 mg
  • Magnesium : 60,4 mg
  • Vitamin C : 9,4 mg

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